Hero Project

Why is Savage 4x4 doing the Hero Project?


The Hero Project is an event Savage 4x4 Inc. started in 2016. The family and friends of Jeff Kelly came to the shop with around $400 inquiring about a lift for his jeep. Army Veteran E-6 SSGT Jeff Kelly was injured overseas when hit with an IED, resulting in the loss of his leg and leading to many other medical issues. His therapy when he returned home was trail riding, however it's not something he could do with a stock Jeep. Linda and Jim, owners of Savage 4x4, decided instead of saying there was nothing they could do with the money raised, that they would take his jeep and SAVAGE it. Many fundraisers and donations later, the reveal was made:

This was only the first build which led to several more builds for our Hero Project. In 2017 we had such an overabundance of nominations that we couldn't just choose one hero and we chose THREE. Veteran Jay Lamborn, US Marines and currently volunteering with Peace River K9 Search and Rescue, Joshua Golliher, US Army, currently working as a Firefighter/EMT and Edward Vuolo, US Army, currently traveling the country helping with disasters with the Department of Forestry. 

In 2018, we took on two projects. First was the Jeep that belonged to Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller, a police officer that was killed in the line of duty. The family has the Jeep and wished to make it a memorial to represent their son and all of the officers in the Fort Myers Police Department, as well as K-9s that also died in the line of duty. We were also donated a Nissan Xterra that we customized and gave to a local Veteran, Thomas Fresquet, US Army, to help him get back on his feet and continue helping the community, which is what he loves to do. 

We've came out of pocket thousands of dollars for each build so we're always looking for donations and sponsors to help give back to these heroes who sacrificed so much for us. Please call us if you want to be a part of our Hero Project either by nomination, donation, sponsor and support in any way.  

The heartwarming reveal can be seen below:  

 **Disclaimer** Please have a box of tissues near before viewing the video.

Jeff Kelly Hero Build 2016 Reveal

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